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Translation English-Portuguese;


Translation of full or partial texts, books, advertising stuff and blog posts for most of purposes (technical, literary, commercial, academic, etc.).
I’m a self-taught translator over 25 years, 11 of them on blogging.

Sample offered before ordering. Payment via PayPal.

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Phone (Whatsapp): +55 48 99827-3913.
Telegram: @ebraels.

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Let’s make Mankind human again

Astonishing to watch how Mankind needs to suffer in order to come back to the ground and realize how much we need one another. Before coronavirus pandemy, many other daily disgraces used to reach a lot of people, but the most, not being touched by sorrow, kept going on robotized down the streets.

Back to the Caves

We know we are all called on to leave the Cave, to overcome fear and to face up the Light for which nothing remains hidden. Is it because of some weakness of our species that we fail to search for the Light, or because we mistake fear for addiction (to the darkness of the Cave)?

Liquid Love

Liquid, for it drains down the shower or disappears into the noise of a night club; and sweet, like a French champagne, full of illusions among its bubbles that tickle the Ego. Liquid Love is the expression that distinguishes this era of imbecility.

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