The Lost Paradise

Translated into English from Paraíso Perdido.

Even if no Paradise exists or such a historical Jesus, called the Nazarene, has never been born, these figures make up myths that refer to the human saga in this and in all possible worlds. Continue reading The Lost Paradise


Folk links: Garmarna & Triakel

Not only on social life, but also on inspirational sounds I consider myself a Conservative. I’m not afraid of novelties, but I look for traditional roots in behalf of rescuing my spiritual identity, through eras and feeling past again to get closer to my ears and sight. Then I found a few time ago Garmarna and Triakel by social media links.

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Farewell, farewell!

Translated from Ebrael, in “Sobre dizer adeus.

Saying goodbye, suddenly, is something unpleasant, traumatic for itself. Is it less sad if we prepare ourselves for this, before whom we love, among the partners we work with?

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