Notes on Chaos and Order

Such an issue as this, on Chaos & Order, is already enough discussed amidst the Academic circles in areas from Philosophy to Quantum Physics. I admit not to be an expertise in any of those areas of knowledge and speculation, but I may have some questions to introduce for reflection and/or, perhaps, apply a few new lights upon those apparent opposites.

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The Storm

(From “A Tempestade”, in Ebrael.)

Your life has been pretty good, as if it was rest and fresh water. You go out for working, wearing your ever lined suit (or not), drive your car along the highway, with no hurry. You’re not hasty, since, apparently, all is right.

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Why do I write?

Why do I write?


(Ou, Por que eu escrevo?)

Writing is not a craft, but an attempt, sometimes useless, to dispel the fear of a sudden annihilation. We tried to make evergreen those ideas expressed by the mouth and on paper, both these always insufficient and finite means. Christ said: “The mouth speaks what overflows in the Heart.” I would say more: when the mouth becomes obsolete, the stones and the letters, all, take the feature of our deepest feelings.

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