Notes on Chaos and Order

Such an issue as this, on Chaos & Order, is already enough discussed amidst the Academic circles in areas from Philosophy to Quantum Physics. I admit not to be an expertise in any of those areas of knowledge and speculation, but I may have some questions to introduce for reflection and/or, perhaps, apply a few new lights upon those apparent opposites.

In my view, the Universe is organized according to the principle of ordering elements, represented in mathematics, by the results of data crosses in columns and rows of a Matrix. This shows the same universe as a gigantic field of logic simulation, with no separate or independent existence.

Indeed, the very concept of Existence is forced to review by thinkers, since, according to my interpretation of the Latin verb “exsistere“, an element would only be possible if it was not under conditions (especially those resulting from the logical process, in a broad sense). “Exsistere” (root of our verb “to exist”) denotes an extrinsic constitution, free from conditionings. This leads to the consequent conclusion that nothing, absolutely nothing, in the universe or among the “things” we think to exist, really does it. Even Edgar Allan Poe might receive, finally, a proper understanding of his verses in Dream Within a Dream.

To us and to the Universe, an underlying condition remais, lower, that’s Subsistence. We subsist not only for our smallness before the great forces at work in the Universe, but also because, taking into account the Hermes Trismegistos golden axiom (“as above, so below”), the manifestations are interdependent and scalar. All of the misunderstandings are issues of observational scales, and a galaxy cluster is so subsistent and logically consequent as a colony of bacteria or a marine ecosystem.

By the way, it is the observation that breeds the ties between the elements or, in the case of apparently inanimate structures, is the force of attraction and repulsion in the ordering principle, noticeable in Mathematics by the properties of sets, which forges the Order.

Chaos would be the only viable state for what we think to be the Existence, since, in it, there may not be no ties between the elements, despite the conjecture on its presence in a set which would call as Chaotic. In it, there are no conditions, restrictions or consequential logical rules. However, this idea gives us out a big problem.

An animate being, in order to be aware of each other, needs to “feel” itself different from other elements (animate or inanimate) and, hence, to be in some kind of relationship with such elements. In this subsistent state, no Freedom is possible, although the possibility of expansion, virtually, seems limitless. However, in fact, Subsistence provides relative autonomy as a legacy of evolution (change) of the conditions to manifest. As a Matrix, where new rows and columns could be designed to meet the new values in a continuous environment of logical process, the “virtual” manifested space widens and brands the illusion, in our artificial intelligences, that the Universe is infinite. Nevertheless Universe looks like a tree, it will never cease to be a seed in logical succession process.

Following, if we imagine that a conscious and subsistent element can enter the Chaotic state, how worthy would be the conquest of ideal Existence and Freedom? Not being tied to relations with possibly surrounding elements, that element would not be aware of such a state anyway.

So, I could state that:

  • Human Existence (even the soul, as commonly considered) and/or the Universe, are/is actually a state of Subsistence, cyclical, logical and often calculable;
  • Freedom, as imagined by mankind, is a chimera, the final certainty that we don’t exist at all;
  • The Universal elements are endowed with relative autonomy under logical permissions and restrinctions, as we could witness to happen by data processing in a computer system or Matrix scheme;
  • The only state for possible Existence, although unknowable at all, would reside in a set of Chaotic and incommunicable elements, unconscious and immanent to that Subsisting System.

Published by

Júlio [Ebrael]

Brazilian. Amateur poet. Conservative and Gnostic Christian. Permanently unmarried, not disposable. // Brasileiro. Poeta amador. Conservador e cristão de visão gnóstica. Permanentemente solteiro, não disponível.//

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